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" I have been mesmerized by her pictures for years now. A sculpted shape to behold. I saw that she was coming to the East coast and made the choice to cross into the unknown. We coordinated via email a number of times and I made the journey to see her. Arriving at her hotel, I was filled with anticipation, my mouth was dry and I could barely think straight. I knocked on the door, it opened and there was Debra in a sheer top, daisy dukes and knees almost buckled right there. She was so gracious and kind, that it was like I had known her already. I felt pretty rude staring at her enormous breasts and had to go to my knees to collect myself before the statuesque woman in front of me. Deb, you're amazing..

A Phoenix


" Debra is the best session I have had and I have had a huge number of session with a large number of wonderful women including the best there is. Whether it is wrestling, muscle contests, muscle worship or fun it is always a blast.

Steve R.


"That women" is strong and agressive! She just simply started to "dominate" and "grind" me right away and gave me very little time to re-coup in between the "assaults". It was probably the most dominating and physical session I have ever had. She was in total control! At the end, she proceeded to beat me in arm-wrestling! (both arms). She is simply "extremely strong" and sexy! A+ .

I will get back to you regarding future sessions.

--- Name withheld


I thought it [the site] was great. Simple yet striking The focus is you not bells and whistles of the webmaster. It was quick loading and to the point.....sort of like you

I liked the pictures but though u are better looking in person.

--- Name withheld


Never having had a session before, but having admired Debra ever since I saw her pictures, I called up Debra at her hotel when she was in Washington recently. She told me that I should call back at 1:15 and if her one o'clock appointment didn't show up she could see me then. I called back later than I was supposed to expecting to find that she was in the middle of her session, but to my amazement, the very foolish guy who booked the appointment with Debra had not arrived. Annoyed that I had not called back promptly at 1:15, the kind-hearted goddess still allowed me to have a session if I would come immediately. Unable to believe my good luck, I hurried over to Debra's hotel, and heart-pounding, I found myself outside her door, hearing her complain to someone she was talking to on her cell phone that I hadn't arrived yet. Unsure of what was about to happen, I knocked on the door and saw an absolute goddess smiling sweetly at me with her enormous breasts barely contained in a halter top and wearing a pair of tight short shorts that only partially covered her amazingly round and beautiful glutes. I fell to my knees in admiration of Debra's divine beauty and she allowed me to kiss her feet. I then realized that I was in heaven.

For the next hour, Goddess Debra allowed me to worship and carress and massage her glorious, muscular, amazing, sexy body. Although she had every right to be displeased with me, she treated me with the greatest kindness and understanding and affection as I did everything I could to give the goddess the pleasure she so richly deserves.

Goddess Debra, I worship and adore you.

Name withheld


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